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Open 50yd Indoor Regional


Open 50yd Indoor Regional
Saturday February 24, 2018 - Sunday February 25, 2018
Johnson Family Marksmanship Center - Bismarck, North Dakota
Smallbore Rifle
Created by:
James Ladwig


2018 INDOOR 50 YARD NRA 3-POSITION SMALLBORE RIFLE REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – February 24 and 25, 2018 MATCH DATES: FEBRUARY 24 and 25, 2018 LOCATION: Johnson Family Marksmanship Center, 4667 Skyway, Bismarck, ND SPONSORED BY: BISMARCK/MANDAN RIFLE AND PISTOL ASSOCIATION (BMRPA) FOR MORE Tom Thompson, 2708 Stevens St., Bismarck ND, 58503 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) INFORMATION: Phone 701-255-4601(h), 701-221-1220(w), 701-220-4601 (cell) OPEN TO: This match is open to anyone. RULES: Current NRA 3-Position Rifle rules will be used. DISTANCE: 50 Yards RIFLE: Smallbore Free Rifle - Rule 3.1 SIGHTS: Any sights TARGETS: Smallbore A-23/5, (5 Bullseye) Rifle Target CLASSIFICATION: The NRA Classification System will be used. Unclassified competitors will fire in the Master Class. Scores from a Temporary Score Record Book to establish a classification is acceptable. CHALLENGES: The challenge fee will be $1.00 per bullseye. See NRA Rule 16.1 for correct procedure. ENTRIES: Entries should be made at least 7 days preceding the firing date. Late entries may be accepted to the range capacity. Mail your entry with the correct fees to Tom Thompson at the above address. Checks should be made payable to the BMRPA. Entries are limited to 48 competitors. MATCH FEES: Adults - $30.00, Juniors - $20.00 TIME LIMITS: Smallbore, 1 min./record shot prone, 2 min./record shot offhand, 1 ½ min./record shot kneeling Additional time will be allowed for target changes. RELAY TIMES: Sat- Feb 24 - 8:00AM, 12:00Noon NOTE: I will squad the 12:00 Noon Saturday relay first, then open the 8:00AM relay. Sun – Feb 25 – 8:00AM NOTE: I will squad the Sunday relay only if the Saturday relays are full. In addition, depending on attendance, I may run a Saturday 3:00pm relay (ONLY if necessary). COURSE OF FIRE: 3P Smallbore Rifle - 120 shots total - 40 shots in the Prone, Standing and Kneeling Positions. Unlimited sighting shots may be taken within the time limits. AWARDS: To the Winner, 2nd and 3rd place overall a medallion (provided entries warrant). BMRPA will provide awards for all fired matches and aggregates. NRA will also provide a medal to each class winner with a minimum of 5 entries in the class. A complete listing of the awards schedule will be available at the match. OTHER INFORMATION: We will have spotting scopes (Champions Choice brand), offhand stands and Creedmoor fold-up style shooting mats on hand. Therefore you don’t need to bring these items unless you wish to use your own equipment. Eye and Ear protection is MANDATORY at this range!

Contact information

Tom Thompson
(701) 255-4601


Johnson Family Marksmanship Center
Johnson Family Marksmanship Center - Website
4667 Sky Way
North Dakota
United States


The Johnson Family Marksmanship Center is the BMRPA’s indoor range. It is a 50 meter, 16 point, range. The range has been functional since January 2009 but there are still a number of areas that need more time and money. For example: some doors and finish work, range floor sealing, classroom equipment, etc.

The range is located at 4667 Skyway, Bismarck, ND, two blocks north and two blocks west of intersection of Hwy 1804 and 48 Ave. S (go south of the airport on U. Mary road).