Saturday September 19, 2020
Forks Rifle Club - Emerado, North Dakota
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September 19, 2020


Sponsored By:  Forks Rifle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 14842 Grand Forks, ND  58208-4842


Range Location: 2051 12th Ave. NE, Emerado, ND (8.5 miles west of Merrifield, ND on County Road 6)

Rifle:    CMP Rule 4.2.3 As-Issued M1903 Springfield (excluding the M1903A3/A4); 4.2.4 Other As-Issued U.S. Military Rifles; 4.2.5 As-Issued Foreign Military Rifles (which variants were in use prior to the end of World War I, even though if manufactured after that date). Original issue slings or M1907 slings are permitted.  Handgun may be WWI era types which would have been available to the troops in France, even though manufactured later.  Handgun is optional and scored as a bonus.

Entries: Entry fees is $15.00.  Entries are limited to 30 competitors. Entries may be made in advance at or 701-739-1988 or at the stat office starting at 8:00am the day of the match.  Relay times are 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, and 3:00pm.

Ammunition:  Each competitor will fire 40 rounds of rifle ammunition and an optional 6 rounds of handgun ammunition.  There are no sighting shots.  Competitors provide their own ammunition, but no tracer, armor piercing or incendiary-type ammunition or projectiles are allowed and ammunition has to be capable of being inserted into the magazine.  Ammunition will be loaded off the person into the magazine of the rifle.

Equipment:  No shooting coats, gloves, mats, stools or spotting scopes permitted. Recommend a military style web gear, ammo belt, bandolier or ammo bag to carry ammo.  If handgun is carried, it has to be in a secure belt holster.  Competitors also may want to carry a canteen with water.

Targets:  Targets in each firing lane will consist of one head and shoulder, one half body, and one full body cardboard silhouette in stands.  Targets will be positioned on the berm of the high power range target pit.  Hits will not be scored until the relay completes the entire course of fire.  The targets will be left brown.

Course of Fire:  The competitors for each relay will form up on their assigned firing lane on the 600-yard firing line.  On command, competitors will assume the prone, sitting or kneeling position, load five rounds from the person into the magazine and fire on the selected targets then reload with five rounds and fire those rounds on the selected targets in a time period not to exceed five minutes.  No artificial support other than the rifle’s sling may be used during firing.  Upon completion of fire, the competitors will unload open bolts and insert ECIs.  Then competitors will be allowed two minutes to police their brass and prepare to advance to the next firing line. 

Carrying their rifles (with EICs inserted) and ammunition on their person, competitors will then advance, remaining abreast, to the 300-yard firing line and repeat the firing sequence that was fired at 600 yards. Once firing is completed at 300 yards the competitors will move to the 200-yard firing line again moving abreast carrying their rifle (with EICs inserted) and ammunition on their person.  

At 200 yards, competitors will repeat the firing sequence that was fired at 600 and 300 yards. 

Once firing is complete at 200 yards competitors will move to 100 yards and load and fire ten shots from the magazine from the standing position in a time period of five minutes. Once the line was cleared and brass policed, officials and competitors will move down to 25 yards, ground their unload rifles and unholster their unloaded handguns.  Keeping muzzles down range, on command, they will load 6 rounds.  On the command, they will fire six rounds from the standing position one arm unsupported at the target of their choosing in a time period of 30 seconds.  Once the six shots are fired handguns will be unloaded, cleared by the range officer and holstered.

Competitors will recover their rifles and advance to the pit area, score the number of hits on each of the targets and patch targets.  Competitors will then march back to the club house in formation.

Scoring:  Each hit on the full body target is worth one point. Each hit on the half body target is worth two points.  Each hit on the head and shoulders target is worth three points.   Competitors must have at least one hit on each of the silhouettes or they will be disqualified.  In the case of excessive hits on a competitor’s targets, the competitor will get the score from the high forty rounds. Any competitor observed firing more then the allowed number of shots will be disqualified. The maximum score possible is 135 points.  Ties will be broken by the number of hits on the head and shoulders target.


Awards:  The competitor with the highest total score will receive a plaque.


General Information:  Lunch is not available at the range, so competitors should provide their own food.  For more information contact Tom Reiten at 701-739-1988 or .

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