2020 ND High Power Rifle

2020 ND High Power Rifle
Saturday August 29, 2020 - Sunday August 30, 2020
Forks Rifle Club - Emerado, North Dakota
North Dakota State Championship, High Power Rifle, Vintage & Military Rifle, Mid Range


AUGUST 29 & 30, 2020
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Sponsored by: The Forks Rifle Club, Inc.
Range Location: 2051 - 12th Ave NE (8 miles west of Marifield,ND on County Road 6)
For Information: Write: Denny Coulter Phone (cell): 701-213-0238
4576 Belmont Road
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Rules: Current NRA High Power Rifle Rules will govern
Open To: Anyone familiar with High Power Rifle shooting and safety rules. However, North Dakota residents must be members of the North Dakota
Shooting Sports Assn. or a junior member of a NDSSA club. Teams will represent a club affiliated with NDSSA or a service unit based in North Dakota
Entries: ENTRIES: Advanced Entries are Requested (Prepaid will be given a $5 discount) Individual entries are made by using
the enclosed NRA “Entry and Score Reporting” card (SR-1), accompanied by a check, money order, or NRA Award Points for the Package Entry Fee only.
DO NOT included fees for the Team (match 6) or Leg (Match 7) matches with your individual entries. Fees for persons unable to attend will be refunded in
full if cancellation is made prior to July 16th. A $5 fee will be charged if canceling after this date. Mail entries with the correct fees to the above address.
Advance Individual Entries Close and must be received no later than Wednesday, August 26th. Post Entries will be accepted up to the below stated range
limit the day of the match until 7:30 AM.
Team Entries: Entries in the Team Match should be made by the Team Captain at the range statistical office prior to the start of the team match. The
fees for the team match are to be paid for the entire time at the time of entry.
Entries Limited: State Championship: 45 Individuals
The Garand Championship Match 39 Individuals
The Leg Match 45 Individuals
FEES: Package Entry Fee: $35.00 ($30 cash in Advance)
Junior Package Entry Fee: $25.00 ($20 cash in Advance)
Team Entry Fee: $12.00 per team
Challenge Fee: (Rule 16.11) $2.00 per challenge
Leg Match Entry Fee $20.00 (Juniors $15)
State Garand Match Entry Fee $15.00
Leg & Garand Package $30.00
Squadding: All matches will be squaded by Rule 11.6.7. The Range Statistical Office will issue Squadding tickets/score cards for the individual
matches. No scorecards will be issued on the range. Competitors must call for these tickets as soon as they arrive. NRA classification cards must be
exhibited before score cards will be issued. Squadding information for the Team and Leg matches will be announced on the range. A competitor who fails
pick up score cards or to report to his point when his relay is called to shoot, score, or for pit duties may loose their right to compete in that event.
Classification: The NRA Classification System will be used for all matches. Unclassified competitor will compete in the Master Class. Assigned
(rule 19.6) or Temporary (rule 19.2) Classification may be used.
Rifle Allowed: The NRA Match Rifle (rule 3.3) or the Service Rifle,with ant sights, per New Rifle Rules
Targets: Military type “SR” for 200 yards, “SR-3” for 300 yards, and “MR-1” for 600 yards
Open Bold Indicators: NRA High Power Rifle Rule 3.21 requires the mandatory use of Open Bolt Indicators for all sanctioned tournaments. They will be
available at the Range Statistical Office or from the Range Officer for $1.00.
Sighting Shots: Sighting shots (rule 9.2) witch are allowed in the match conditions must be taken and recorded. Sighting shots may be taken in any
position described in rule 5 of the High Power Rifle rulebook, except rule 9.13. Additional sighting shots for Rapid Fire Alibi Strings Will Not be allowed, as
they will be fired immediately and not on a special alibi relay.
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--- MATCH SCHEDULE (Saturday) ---
Commending at 8 AM on August 29 - CMP Leg MATCH (See page 4 for details)
Commending at about 1 PM on August 29 - CMP GARAND STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (See page 3 for details)
Commencing at 8AM CDT on August 30 (Sunday)
(NOTE: Matches 1 & 2 will be fired at the same time with a 5 minute break between matches.)
As alibis rapid fire strings will be fired right after the record strings, no additional sighting shots will allowed
Match 1: The William Coulter Cup Match - 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record Slow Fire Standing at 200
yards, 22 minutes total time limit. Rule 5.12
Match 2: The Danny Martin Trophy Match - 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record Rapid Fire Sitting or
Kneeling from Standing at 200 yards. Fired in two ten shot strings, 60 second time limit each. Rule 5.8 or
Match 3: The Jimmy Barner Trophy Match - 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record Rapid Fire Prone from
standing at 300 yards. Fired in 2 ten shot strings, 70 second time limit each. Rule 5.6
Match 4: The Ellis Thompson Trophy Match - 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record Slow Fire Prone at 600
yards, 22 minute total time limit. Rule 5.6
Match 5: Russ Theurer Trophy – Slow Fire Aggregate - An aggregate of Matches 1 and 4
Match 6: The L E Ferguson Trophy Match - Rapid Fire Aggregate, an aggregate of Matches 2 and 3
Match 7: THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP - An aggregate of matches 1, 2. 3 and 4.
Match 8: The Four-Man Team Match - A total of the four person’s SCORES FROM MATCH 7
-- AWARDS --
THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Match 7) The high North Dakota Resident, the State Championship, will receive the John
Atkin Trophy; the high ND resident using the service rifle, the Jensen Family Trophy; and the high ND Junior, The Coulter
Trophy. Replica plaques will be provided by NDSSA. If a non-resident is a winner in match 7, additional replica plaque(s)
will be provided. SPECIAL AWARDS: To the high scoring ND Woman, Senior (Age +60) and Grand Senior (Age
70+): Gift Certificates if 3 or more enter
The Match winners in the "Trophy Matches" (Matches 1,2,3,4.5 & 6) will be awarded the trophy to keep for one year.
CLASS AWARDS: Gift Certificates
Team Match Awards Match 8): Gift Certificates if 3 or more teams enter .
General Information: No breaks will be taken for Lunch and is not available at the range. Competitors should provide their
own food and water. Camping on the range is OK starting Friday PM. We have three electrical hookups for campers.
As the range is locked, contact Denny Coulter (701-213-0238) or Tom Reiten (701-73901998) for access and/or more
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Date and Time: Commencing at 8AM CDT on August 29 (Saturday)
Open to: Any able body citizen of the United States, 16 years of age or older on the day of the match. Competitors under 16
years of age may compete if they have had safety and range procedure instructions. Military personal must comply with AR
350-6 as well as the regulations of their parent services. Competitors failing to comply will be disqualified.
Rules: Current CMP Rules applies.
Fees: $20 (Juniors $15) PAID IN CASH at the time of entry (Leg/Garand Package Fee $30 for both matches)
Entries: Entries will be limited to 60 competitors. Entries will be made at the range with fees paid in cash at the time
of entry. Non-Distinguished competitors will be given preference. Distinguished competitors will be allowed to fire only if
space is available to fill existing relays of 15 shooters.
Course of Fire: THE NATIONAL MATCH COURSE: 10 shots slow fire standing, 200 yards; 10 rapid fire sitting
from standing, 200 yards; 10 shots rapid fire prone from standing 300 yards; and 20 shots slow fire prone, 600 yards. No
sighting shots or alibis are allowed.
Arm: The Service Rifle. See CMP Rules 6.1.1, 6.2.1, 6.2.2, AND 6.2.3 for description.
Ammunition: Competitors must provide their own safe ammunition
Awards: Credit towards distinguished designation for the top ranking 10% of the total number of non-distinguished
competitors firing a score of 455 or higher. Excellence in competition badges will be provided by the CMP for civilians who
qualify. The CMP will notify the branches of the Armed Forces for military personal that qualify for credit (see AR622-10).
Gold, Silver and Bronze Achievement pins provided by the CMP will be awarded at the match for those who qualify with
scores as follows: GOLD: 476 and over; Silver: 465-475; and Bronze: 454-464.
2020 North Dakota High Power Rifle Championships
Dennis L Coulter
4576 Belmont Road

Grand Forks, ND 58201

Contact information

Denny Coulter
(701) 746-6959


Forks Rifle Club
2051 12th Ave NE
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