Winter Vintage Sniper Match

Winter Vintage Sniper Match
Saturday December 14, 2019
Forks Rifle Club - Emerado, North Dakota
High Power Rifle, Vintage & Military Rifle


FORKS RIFLE CLUB WINTER VINTAGE SNIPER RIFLE MATCH December 14, 2019 Sponsored By: Forks Rifle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 14842 Grand Forks, ND 58208-4842 Range Location: 2051 12th Ave. NE, Grand Forks County (8 miles west of Merrifield, ND on County Road 6) Rifle: CMP Rule 6.2.1 Vintage Sniper Rifle or Section 4.2 As-Issued Military Rifle. Ammunition: Each team will need 40 rounds of ammunition. There are no sighting shots. Competitors must provide their own ammunition. Competitors may use any safe ammunition, but no tracer, armor piercing or incendiary-type ammunition or projectiles may be used. Ammunition must be capable of being inserted into the magazine. Entries: Entry fees are $20.00 per two man team. Entries are limited to 9 teams. Entries may be made in advance by mail at the above address or at the stat office starting at 8:00am the day of the match. Relay times are 9:00am, 9:45am, 10:30am, 11:15am, 12:00pm, 12:45pm 1:30pm, 2:15pm, and 3:00pm. Relays times will be drawn for at the time of registration. Targets: There will be 3 cardboard head and shoulder silhouettes at 200 meters. There will be 1 cardboard head and shoulder silhouette and 2 half-body silhouettes at 300 meters. There will be 2 cardboard half-body silhouettes and 1 full-body silhouette at 385 meters. There will be 3 cardboard full body silhouettes at 500 meters. All silhouettes are stationary and will be in stands on the berm in front of the backstops. Hits will not be scored until the relay has completed the entire course of fire. The targets will be left brown. Course of Fire: The firing teams on a relay will form up at the club house. Carrying their rifles (with EICs inserted), ammunition, spotting scopes and back packs (which can be used as a rest), the teams will move on foot to the 500 yard silhouette firing berm and set up on the rear slope of the berm. Firearms will not be loaded until range officer gives the order to load. Team members can choose to load the magazine or load singly. On the direction of the range officer, each team will be allowed a total block time of 25 minutes for the team to fire a total 40 shots at the silhouettes, 10 shots at each distance. Each shooter must fire 20 shots. This includes switching shooters and spotter. While changing shooters the rifles have to be unloaded and ECI’s inserted. A total of 10 shots will be fired at each of the four distances. A team may choose not to utilize a spotter and both team members can fire at the same time during the 25 minute block time. Upon completion of firing all rifles will be unloaded and ECI’s inserted, the shooters will pack up their equipment and withdraw back to the club house. Once the line is cleared, officials will move down to the targets and score the number of hits on each of the targets and patch the targets. While the targets are being scored the next relay may move to the firing line and set up, but they may not handle their rifles until the scoring is completed and everyone has returned behind the firing line. Scoring: Each hit on a silhouette will be worth 1 point. Any team failing to score at least 1 hit on each of the 12 targets will be disqualified. If there are more than a total of 10 hits on a team’s 3 targets at any given range, the team will be accessed 2 points for each extra hit. Any team observed firing more then the allowed number of shots will be disqualified. The maximum score possible is 40 points. If there is snow on the ground, teams will be penalized five points for not wearing some white camo. Awards: Each member of the team with the highest total score will each receive a plaque. General Information: Lunch is not available at the range, so competitors should provide their own food and water. For more information contact Tom Reiten at 701-739-1988 or .

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