2019 ND Outdoor Pistol


2019 ND Outdoor Pistol
Saturday August 31, 2019 - Sunday September 1, 2019
Valley City Rifle and Pistol - Valley City, North Dakota
Precision Pistol, North Dakota State Championship





MATCH DATE:                    August 31 & September 1, 2019

SPONSORED BY:                Gateway Pistol Club, Inc. Argusville, ND and Valley City Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. Valley City, ND

Sanctioned BY:                  National Rifle Association (NRA), Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), and North Dakota Shooting Sports Association (NDSSA)

LOCATION:                         Valley City, ND Outdoor Range is located north and east of the High Line Railroad Bridge on the north side of Valley City. Proceed ¼ mile north of the bridge, cross the RR tracks at the grain elevator and turn east on the gravel road to the range. PLEASE CLOSE THE CATTLE GATE BEHIND YOU!!!

RULES:                                  Current NRA, CMP, and NDSSA Rules will govern.  NRA membership is not required but is encouraged.  North Dakota residents must be a current NDSSA member.  Tournament officials may not compete

RELAYS:                                1 relay only. 22, CF, DR on Saturday and 45, 22 EIC, and Service Pistol EIC Sunday Start Time is 10am both days. Lunch will be served both days.

RANGE & CAPACITY:       The range has 20 covered firing points. Slow Fire will be at 50 yards on B-6 Targets. Timed and Rapid Fire will be at 25 yards with turning targets on B-8 Targets. Capacity for tournament will be 20 shooters.

ENTRIES CLOSE:                10:00 PM the Thursday before the match.

POST ENTRIES:                  Post entries will be accepted up to range capacity. No Post Entry Fee, but advanced entry is requested.

ENTRY FEES:                       $40.00 USD or NRA Award Points for the NRA 2700. DR, 22 EIC, Service Pistol EIC will be $15.00 USD each, the CMP doesn’t accept NRA Award Points.

MATCH SCHEDULE:          22 Matches (SAT 10am) C.F. Matches (SAT 1pm) 45 Matches (SUN 10am)

                                                #1 20 rds. Slow (B-6)       #6 20 rds. Slow (B-6)       #11 20 rds. Slow (B-6)

                                                #2 30 rds. NMC                 #7 30 rds. NMC                 #12 30 rds. NMC

                                                #3 20 rds. Timed (B-8)    #8 20 rds. Timed (B-8)    #13 20 rds. Timed (B-8)

                                                #4 20 rds. Rapid (B-8)     #9 20 rds. Rapid (B-8)     #14 20 rds. Rapid (B-8)

                                                #5 22 Aggregate               #10 C.F. Aggregate          #15 45 Aggregate

                                                #16 Grand Aggregate ND State Championship

                                                Distinguished revolver (SAT 2:30pm)        22 EIC (SUN 1pm)             Service Pistol EIC (SUN 2pm) Times are approximate, they may start early or late.

MISCELLANEOUS:            Advanced entry is requested but not required. All shooters are expected to bring a staple gun and staples. Competitors will score and repair targets. Challenge Fee is $2.00. Use of a plug-type scoring device is restricted to the range officer. A Challenge Committee will be designated to settle challenges. Classes will not be combined. Unclassified shooters will fire in the Master Class. New shooters may fire the entire match with .22, but will not be considered match awards. The grill will be out and lunch available at the range.

AWARDS:                            Match #16 – North Dakota State Outdoor Pistol Championship

                                                North Dakota State Conventional Pistol Outdoor Champion – Traveling Trophy and replica trophy awarded by North Dakota Shooting Sports Association to highest North Dakota resident.  Residency determined by North Dakota Shooting Sports Association bylaws.

                                                Match Winner – 5 NRA Award Points plus Class Awards

                                                1st in Class – 10 NRA Award Points

                                                2nd in Class – 8 NRA Award Points          (if 4 entries in Class)

                                                3rd in Class – 6 NRA Award Points          (if 7 entries in Class)

                                                Matches # 5, #10 and #15: Single gun aggregates

                                                Match Winner - 5 NRA Award Points plus Class Awards

                                                1st in Class – 5 NRA Award Points

                                                2nd in Class – 4 NRA Award Points          (if 4 entries in Class)

                                                3rd in Class – 3 NRA Award Points          (if 7 entries in Class)

                                                Individual Fired Matches

                                                1st in Class – 2 NRA Award Points

                                                2nd in Class – 1 NRA Award Point            (if 4 entries in Class)

                                                3rd in Class – 1 NRA Award Point            (if 7 entries in Class)

                                                NRA Distinguished revolver award provide by NRA, 22 EIC and Service Pistol EIC award provided by CMP.

ADVANCED ENTRY:         James Ladwig, 17321 27 St. SE, Argusville, ND 58005.  Phone home: (701) 484-5236 Work: (701) 232-9440 Cell: (701) 541-0509

Contact information

James Ladwig
(701) 484-5236


Valley City Rifle and Pistol
Valley City Rifle and Pistol
Valley City
North Dakota
United States

2020 Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet








Saturday, January 25, 2020

Eagles, Valley City, ND

Please attend the annual membership meeting at 2:00 pm.  Topics of discussion will include our junior shooting sports programs and other shooting sports programs around North Dakota and the USA.  The Eagles is located at 345 12th AVE NE, Valley City, ND. 


Schedule of Events Saturday, January 25, 2020

Annual Membership Meeting (Eagles)  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Social Hour (Eagles) – cash bar   5:30 pm

Dinner ( Roast beef & breast of chicken w/ Twice Baked Potato & salad)   6:30 pm

Annual Awards Presentations, Guest Speaker, HOF Ceremony  7:30 pm


Guest Speakers – Dacotah Faught & Joe Martin


Rooms: AmericInn at 280 Winter Show Rd SW in Valley City, ND has a small block of rooms available for NDSSA Banquet attendants. The block reservation is good thru January 3rd. The rate is $99.90 for a 2 queen bed room. They do offer free breakfast, indoor pool, fitness center and they are pet friendly. Call 701-845-5551 for reservation and tell them that you are attending the NDSSA Banquet.

Contacts:  For additional details on the membership meeting, dinner, awards banquet, contact Garth Weber 701-330-3284 or


Adult(s) $30 each ___ ($35 at the door) Junior (s) $20 each ____

Please order tickets in advance before January 17th.  Make checks payable to NDSSA and mail to: Garth Weber 714 11th Street NW #6, Valley City ND 58072

Guest Speakers

Dacotah Faught & Joe Martin

Dacotah Faught is a 2018 graduate of The University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. In 2013, Faught began her collegiate rifle career at The University of Tennessee at Martin.  Faught transferred to Nebraska in 2016 to exhaust her athletic eligibility.  As a student-athlete, she attended the NCAA collegiate rifle championships four times and earned three All-American honors. In 2015, she was inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.  She also competed at the 2015 International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) World Shooting Championships in the Junior Air Rifle category held in Granada, Spain.  Dacotah grew up in Amenia, North Dakota (in the Casselton area) and she now resides in Fargo, ND.

Joe Martin graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 2018 where he received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Martin began his collegiate career in 2014 where he would go on to earn All-American honors in smallbore and receive an at-large bid to the 2018 NCAA Championships.  Martin was a four-year scholastic All-American, and received the award for the Ohio Valley Conference Scholar Athlete of the Year in 2018.  Joe grew up in Emerado, North Dakota (the Grand Forks area) and he currently resides in Grand Forks, ND where he works as a Mechanical Engineer at Lunseth Plumbing & Heating.

Hall of Fame Inductee

William (Bill) Langer

We will induct William Langer into North Dakota’s Marksmanship Hall of Fame and hope that you can join us.

We will recognize Bill’s efforts and commitment to improve the shooting sports in North Dakota from his home in the very small community of Perth, ND

  • Bill has sustained membership in the NRA and NDSSA for more than 20 years.
  • Bill has served as an officer of the NDSSA Board of Directors.
  • Bill has been an officer in a local club.
  • Bill has served as a youth marksmanship coach for far more than 10 years.
  • Bill has been an active competitor in the rifle and pistol shooting sports for much more than 20 years.

What is unique about Bill’s accomplishments is something that had not been previously done in North Dakota.

Bill was instrumental in the introduction of the shooting sports into the Wolford Public School System. Bill established the Wolford Wolves Shooting Sports Team. Members of that team were thus able to compete in State Championships, Regional and National Championships with the full support of the Wolford Public School System. He is now attempting to do something similar in the St. John, North Dakota school system, and we wish him the best in that endeavor.

It is Bill’s devotion to the promotion of light rifle and air rifle as well as air and smallbore pistol programs for youth that has really made a mark on the future of the shooting sports in North Dakota.

2020 Collegiate Sectional


2020 Open Light Rifle Standing Sectional


2020 NRA Air Pistol Sectional

       2020 NRA Air Pistol Sectional Match
Match Dates:      February 8th , 2020
Location:              Ayr Rifle’s Sportsman’s Club, 101 5th Ave. Ayr, ND 58007. …