ND Air Pistol


ND Air Pistol
Saturday April 1, 2017
Ayr Rifle Sportsman's Club - Ayr, North Dakota
North Dakota State Championship, Air Pistol


2017 North Dakota State Air Pistol Match

Match Dates:     April 1st, 2017

Location:             Ayr Rifle’s Sportsman’s Club, 101 5th Ave. Ayr, ND 58007.  South of the railroad tracks.

Sponsored by:     Ayr Rifle’s Sportsman’s Club

For More Info:     Rand McLeod, 700 Main St, Erie, ND 58029


Open to:               Anyone

Match Fees:          $20.00 per competitor. 

Entries:                   Entries should be made at least 7 days preceding the firing date.  Late entries may

                                 be accepted to the range capacity.  Mail your entry with the correct fees to Rand 

                                McLeod at the above address.  Checks should be made payable to ARSC.  Entries are

                                 limited to 40 competitor’s. 

Relays Times:       Air Pistol relays begin at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM. 

                               NOTE:  We will squad the 4:00 PM relay only if the rest of the relays are full.

Rules:                   Current NRA International Pistol Rules will govern.

Score cards:         Special Individual score cards will be used and must be signed by the competitor to

                               be considered for National ranking.  All information must be filled in or scores will

                               not be recorded.

Distance:               10 Meters

Pistol:                    Air Pistol – Rule 3.7

Targets:                 Official 10 meter Orion B-40/1 targets will be used.  5 shots per target.  They will be

                                scored on the Orion Scoring System.

Match Course:     Match #1 ND State Air Pistol Individual Championship.  Sixty (60) Shots Standing.

                                 Time limit, 105 min, (1hr., 45min). Including unlimited sighter shots prior to record

                                 shots.  10 Minute preparation period will be given prior to the start of the match.

Classification:       Each competitor will be classified according to the NRA International Classification

                                 System and must be prepared to exhibit a current International Classification card

                                or Score Record Book upon registration.  Unclassified competitors will fire in the

                                 Master class (Rule 19.6). 

Challenges:           A challenge fee of $1.00 will be charged for each challenge made. 

Ties:                       Ties will be broken according to NRA International Pistol Rules, Rule 15.

Awards:                 North Dakota State Air Pistol Championship trophy.

Other Info:           Eye wear is not mandatory but is recommended at this range.  We will be shooting

                                the targets on target returns so a scope is not necessary.  We will have air available

                                (2000 psi) at the range, BE SURE TO BRING YOUR OWN BRASS FILL ADAPTERS.

Lunch:                   We will have some lunch provide at the range.


Contact information

Rand McLeod
(701) 668-2214


Ayr Rifle Sportsman's Club
101 5th Ave
North Dakota
United States