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Fried Family Marksmanship Complex - Archive


Fried Family Marksmanship Complex
13839 262nd St SE
North Dakota
United States


The outdoor range features a 1,000 yard High Power rifle range with 34 firing points, rifle and handgun silhouette ranges, cowboy action area, an 18 point bullseye pistol range, 11 concrete benchrests with target backboards at 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards, indoor storage, picnic shelter, outdoor restroom and a clubhouse/classroom facility.

Construction was made possible through grants from various groups that support shooting sports in our area and the hard work of our volunteer club laborers. We express our sincere thanks to these groups and invite them to visit the range and see what they have helped to build.

Date Title City State Category
08/06/16 Moffit North Dakota Cowboy Action
08/06/16 - 08/07/16 Moffit North Dakota North Dakota State Championship, Rifle Silhouette
08/20/16 Moffit North Dakota USPSA
09/02/16 - 09/04/16 Moffit North Dakota Cowboy Action
09/10/16 - 09/11/16 Moffit North Dakota Long Range
09/24/16 Moffit North Dakota Benchrest
09/24/16 Moffit North Dakota USPSA
10/01/16 - 10/02/16 Moffit North Dakota Public Events
10/01/16 Moffit North Dakota Cowboy Action
11/13/16 Moffit North Dakota Cowboy Action

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